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From time to time, legislation comes it seems like a no-brainer. We would consider a measure before Frederick County Council to allow farmers to build roadside stands as one of these.

Specifically, the bill would allow farmers to sell their produce from stalls on their property without having to worry about obtaining building permits. The idea aims to give farmers an additional way to sell their products.

They would still need to obtain permits for zoning changes or any electrical or plumbing additions to a farm.

The bill was initiated by County Executive Jan Gardner, but was sponsored at the council level by Republican Michael Blue and Democrat Jerry Donald.

“It’s just a very quick way to [farmers] to get their goods to market,” Blue said.

We are happy to see the bipartisan support. It is gratifying to see such sensible legislation, and we look forward to council passing it.

We are proud of our artists Frederick who won Independent Artist Grants this year. Grants are awarded annually by the Maryland State Arts Council for artists working in all mediums.

Suzanne Feldman, an art teacher at Tuscarora High School, won a $10,000 fiction scholarship. Her most recent novel, ‘Sisters of the Great War’, was published in October by HarperCollins and delves into the world of two sisters living in Baltimore in 1914 who venture far from home to volunteer in the effort. of war in Belgium. Rachel Warren, writer, musician and traditional wigmaker, and novelist Victoria Lancelotta, both of Frederick County, received MSAC IAA grants of $2,000.

It’s great to have these artists in our community.

Access still limited to public meetings improving, but we’re not there yet.

Frederick’s mayor and aldermen announced this week that members of the public — on a limited basis — will once again be allowed to attend town meetings, albeit in masks and with limited attendance. Coupled with the county school board’s announcement that masks are becoming optional, it’s a sign that things are getting a little more normal here.

But this is not true everywhere. But we are still waiting for the Frederick County Council and a few town councils in the area to allow community members to see the workings of government in person.

Local governments have done a pretty good job of livestreaming their meetings during the pandemic, and that should continue for those who can’t attend or simply find it more convenient to tune in on their laptop or tablet.

But there is something to be said for unhindered access to see how our local legislative bodies do their job. It certainly helps to impress on our reps that we care.

We have been saying since the beginning of the pandemic that we must proceed with caution. For the most part we have. But there comes a time when we can take steps to get back to the level of access we had before the pandemic, especially when positivity rates drop sharply and vaccination rates are high. We therefore encourage the county and other cities to allow the public to return to in-person meetings.

We have made it clear many times over the years that we are passionate about history. Knowing your past is often a great way to put your present into perspective.

That’s a big reason why we were drawn to some recent donations of town memorabilia that former Middletown Commissioner Larry Bussard recently made to Middletown.

Homecoming programs, photos, booklets of events held by the local women’s club, and even an 1882 copy of the Valley Register newspaper that included a story of President Lincoln’s publication of the Emancipation Proclamation made part of Bussard’s gift.

Bussard told reporter Ryan Marshall that he had collected these items over the years from other people and by buying items at estate sales and auctions. “If it had Middletown on it, I bought it,” he said.

We’re sure there are plenty of people in the county who have similar treasures of local history. If they are so inclined – and we hope they are – donating to their town’s archives will go a long way towards preserving local history.

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