Willmar city center bus stop is now a starting point for long and short trips


Selvig International Park in downtown Willmar is emerging as a “mobility hub” for travel near and far, thanks to the work of the Mid-Minnesota Regional Transportation Coordination Council, a program funded by the US Department. of Transportation, the Minnesota Department of Transportation and the Mid-Minnesota Development Commission.

Long journeys are made possible by Jefferson Lines. The intercity bus company moved its pickup and drop-off location to Willmar on August 26th to Community transit center Bus shelters near Selvig International Park at the intersection of Fourth Street and Becker Avenue Southwest, according to Terry Smith, regional transportation resources coordinator for Mid-Minnesota.

Smith said the new site would be more convenient for customers than the company’s previous stop at the Lakeview Inn on the north side of the community.

Jefferson Lines provides daily service to the Twin Cities metro area as well as the Sioux Falls, South Dakota area with the ability to connect to thousands of other locations across the country from these points. Jefferson Lines representative Nick Zelle said changing the downtown bus shelter from CCT to Fourth Street Southwest is a good move for passengers. The stop, located in the heart of Willmar, is more accessible, highly visible and allows riders to better connect to CCT’s transit services.

The Mid-Minnesota Regional Transportation Coordination Council supported the move to the downtown site. It should improve accessibility for those who might need to get to the stop on foot or using the local transit bus.

The Selvig International Park also serves as a starting point for many short trips. It houses a BikeWillmar shared bike hub location. It serves as a starting point for several walking and cycling routes.

“Former Willmar leaders and planners must have predicted that this area would become a mobility hub for our community,” Smith said in a press release.

He said former Willmar mayor Richard Hoglund had successfully promoted the installation of a fountain donated by one of Willmar’s sister towns, Frameries, Belgium, in the small urban park of Selvig. This now provides a pleasant place for passengers to wait for their transit or Jefferson Lines journey.

“(The Mid-Minnesota Development Commission) would love to see additional transportation options added to the location. It’s possible that the park could one day be a good location for a shared vehicle service, similar to HourCar, a non-profit car-sharing service based in Minnesota, ”Smith said.

The bus to Twin Cities from Jefferson departs daily at 2:10 p.m. from the Willmar stop, while the bus to Sioux Falls departs at 2:45 p.m.

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