Unique ideas for date nights at home

The holidays of love are coming, and if you don’t booked a dinner reservation for you and your valentine, it may be time to have a backup plan. Or, maybe you have no interest in dining out and choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the most intimate setting – your home.

Suggesting a romantic evening to your partner may seem frugal, but if the evening at home is prepared with TLC, it could be the turning point for more delightful nights at home for two. Instead of your typical movie night, take virtual ballroom dancing lessons or follow Bob Ross for a painting evening.

Here are 5 ideas for staying warm at home on Valentine’s Day.

Make a cheese platter

Located in the Heights, Houston Dairymaids Artisanal Cheese Shop has over 150 gourmet cheeses to choose from that will make your platter colorful and palatable.

Sample a few cheeses to ensure your board will have a variety of flavors and textures such as soft, firm, and semi-firm cheeses. A popular hard cheese is the 18-month-old gouda named OG Kristal, from Belgium. Order a Valentine’s Day Bag containing five pre-selected cheeses with an Almond Caramel Chocolate Bar; or grab a Sweetheart Cheese Platter for two that includes three cheeses, a small pot of honey, cocoa-dusted pecans, Taralli crackers, and fig-almond cake.

Pre-order a cheese platter can be a convenient way to add more flavor to an already planned evening. But, if the evening’s itinerary seems sparse, creating one from scratch can make for a tasteful good time.

Mix fancy cocktails

You don’t need a full bar to make delicious libations at home. In fact, you can get pre-made drinks and mixers at Total Wine, as well as stock up on wines and spirits. Be crafty with your partner and learn new spring cocktail recipes for your future spring break gatherings.

Paint with Bob Ross

If you’ve ever been captivated by the landscape painting skills of Bob Ross, now’s your chance to try painting cheerful little trees and wispy little clouds yourself. Painting with Bob Ross is now easier than ever thanks to streaming and could be a fun night out for the whole family. Head to Houston’s Jerry’s Artarama for all your painting supply needs.

Bowling in the hallway

What did a romantic pin say to the other? “Never part.” Turn your hallway into a bowling alley by setting up 10 empty plastic bottles as pins and using a tennis ball or one of your furry friend’s chew toys in place of the real thing. Your hallway has never been so fun.

Take an online course


Discover the art of making pizza from scratch or learn to do Seafood Paella with online cooking classes. Always led by a professional chef, Cozy meal offers a variety of interactive online courses to take from home. The price ranges from $29 to $200 per person and the course duration is three hours.

Worried about not having the right ingredients or special equipment? No problem. You can filter your options to show classes that match your kitchen needs. From 10 ingredients or less to plant-based options online, learning how to cook a meal with your valentine has never been easier.

To dance

With a desktop computer and a decent Wi-Fi connection, you can learn just about anything online. Take your partner to the dance floor – in other words your living room – and book a lesson with a dance studio based in Houston. learn the basics flamenco technique or give ballroom dance A try. If anything, learning that you both have two left feet will make you laugh out loud.


Grab your mats and stretch to new levels of love with couples yoga. Choose from a live stream or pre-recorded class from a variety of local yoga studios. Virtual Fitness Classes can be a great way to get the heart pumping, in many ways.

Wine tasting

If you and your valentine are looking to improve your wine tasting skills and show off at the next dinner party, Wine.com is a one stop shop for all things wine and learning. There are plenty of free videos and access to past recorded events, and you can choose to make wine BYO or have selected bottles sent directly to your home. Say you’ll be wine!

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