Twitter will allow hosts to add topics in Spaces, Telecom News, ET Telecom

San Francisco: The microblogging site Twitter adds topics to spaces so hosts can tag their spaces with up to three relevant topics.

Currently there are only 10 topics to choose from, limited to English. The top 10 topics are business, finance, music, sports, technology, games, global news, entertainment, arts-culture, home-family, and careers.

“New in Spaces: Topics, when creating or planning a space, some of you on Android may choose up to 3 topics to mark it as a list of our top 10 topics. that’s 10 topics for now and we’ll develop as we build together, ”the company said in a tweet.

Twitter has also started rolling out a new update to Spaces to allow hosts to nominate up to two co-hosts for its social audio rooms.

The update will make it easier for audio hosts to help manage and moderate conversations.

Once invited co-hosts almost all have the same moderation and management privileges as the primary host, they can talk, invite other room members to speak, pin tweets, kick people out of the room and more.

A recent report says Twitter users will now be able to compose a new tweet directly from the space, which will be linked to the audio chat and accompanying hashtags.

While it was previously possible to compose new tweets while listening to a space, having the composer directly in the space will make it easier for participants to tweet about the conversation as it unfolds. .

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