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Jordan has key observations on Iran’s handling of some Middle East issues: PM

AMMAN: Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh stressed that Jordan has key observations on Tehran’s handling of some issues in the Middle East, the Petra news agency reported on Monday.

In an interview with BBC Arabic’s Murad Shishani, the prime minister added that Jordan’s observations also include Iran’s intervention in neighboring countries, including the Gulf, which national security is seen as part of. integral to Jordan’s national security.

According to Khasawneh, Jordan looks forward to bilateral relations with Iran based on the principles of good foreign policy, non-interference in internal affairs and respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity.

However, he stressed that Jordan does not see Iran as a threat to its national security.

Khasawneh pointed out that in his recent interview, King Abdullah II did not address the Arab NATO, but rather answered a hypothetical question about a regional and Arab framework related to the formation of a military formula in a purely hypothetical framework.

Regarding Jordanian-Saudi relations, the Prime Minister underlined the historical and strategic ties that unite Amman and Riyadh, stressing the importance of the visit of the Saudi Crown Prince to Jordan, where a wide range of issues were discussed, including investments in the water and energy sectors. , as well as the integration of Aqaba and Neom.

Regarding Jordan’s relations with Arab states, the Prime Minister said that Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates all agree on the various problems and threats these countries face.

The prime minister stressed that Jordan has never been slow to respond to requests for defense assistance from neighboring countries that have faced military threats, and vice versa.

According to Khasawneh, Jordan’s overall reform is based on three key topics: political modernization, the economic sphere and the administrative sphere.

“Today we have a historic cash reserve of $18 billion at the Central Bank, and macroeconomic indicators are positive as international financial and credit rating agencies upgraded our financial credit rating.” said the Prime Minister about the monetary situation of Jordan.

Commenting on the 340 km northern borders, he pointed out that there was a significant increase in drug trafficking operations, noting that dialogue and discussions between the Jordanian military and security apparatuses and the Syrian authorities were ongoing.

Khasawneh pointed out that Russian military police played an important role in maintaining security during Russian-sponsored reconciliation deals at one time.

He went on to say that the absence of a strong Russian military police presence in southern Syria has exacerbated the Kingdom’s problems.

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