The founders of Speedwell join the shareholding of the real estate start-up Sigtree


Real estate developer Speedwell, founded by Belgian entrepreneurs Jan Demeyere and Didier Balcaen, joins the shareholding of real estate technology start-up Sigtree, launched 3 years ago to optimize property management, tenant engagement and services assistance.

Belgian entrepreneurs Jan Demeyere and Didier Balcaen bring extensive international experience, their short-term goal being to launch the Sigtree platform in Belgium, Luxembourg and other European countries.

“It is very important to achieve accelerated growth of the company and capture a high percentage of the market. We are happy to have succeeded in attracting the interest of experienced investors, who are ready to contribute not only financially, but also with valuable know-how, helping us to achieve rapid development of the company. Once we are present in Belgium, adoption will be much easier in countries like France and the Netherlands, ”says Vlad Costea, founder and CEO of Sigtree Technologies.

“The first contact with Sigtree took place in 2019, during a Hackathon organized by Proptech Romania, and since then we have been following the evolution of their solution. The current platform responds to a real need of real estate developers, that of optimizing the process of presentation of the advantages, and, at the same time, to solve the problems communicated by the new owners or tenants, that they are projects of offices and residential or commercial. I see great potential in scaling this solution internationally and I am happy to be able to support the Sigtree team with my experience and network, ”said Didier Balcaen, Founder and CEO of Speedwell.

Speedwell is one of the most active developers in Romania. Currently, the company has several projects underway in Bucharest, including Triama Residence and The Ivy in the residential segment, the MIRO office building and the SPACEPLUS industrial project. In other cities of the country, the company’s portfolio includes the mixed-use complexes Record Park in Cluj-Napoca, Paltim in Timisoara and the residential project with commercial functions, Riverside City in Râmnicu Vâlcea. The solution developed by Sigtree will then be implemented in residential, office, commercial and industrial projects.

Speedwell is one of the first customers to use the solution developed by Sigtree and constantly aided by feedback, both from an operational point of view and with the opinions of end users, which has led to an evolution constant of the product according to the real needs of the market.

The investment in Sigtree is the result of a collaboration between Speedwell and Sigtree for more than a year, and the desire of start-ups to extend the solution internationally, by launching a round of financing on SeedBlink.

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