Shaped by SWVA: Time in Smyth Still Helps Air Force Col. | Community



The stay in Smyth was also an opportunity for him to visit other relatives, including an aunt, uncle and cousins ​​in Johnson City, Tenn.

“I’ve always been close to my mom’s sister, Dorothy (Perkins) Webb, and that part of our family,” he said, “but living so close to them all and seeing them so regularly remains one of the most precious moments of my life. “

At Marion High School for his first year, Burdick made many friends and fondly remembers his teachers and coaches.

“The friends I made at Marion High School were amazing,” he said. “I grew up with WJ and Missy Clark just down the road from our farm, but having the option to carpool with them every morning to school, play football with WJ or take the bus to coming home with Missy was just as special. “

“The guys I had lunch with every day are another great memory – Josh Hayes, Quentin Fisher, Jimmy Morris, CJ Hutton, Nitesh Patel and Trent Richardson. They invited me to sit at their table during the event. of my first day of school and I am always grateful to them. We talked about a lot of things, but I especially enjoyed hearing the seniors talk about their plans after graduation. They inspired me and allowed me to stay focused on the future.

“And all of my football teammates – WJ Clark, Joel Pugh, Wayne Meadows, Danny Meadows, Brian Blevins, Mark Hoffman, our QB Tim Moxley, and of course my fellow tight end Travis Williams, to name a few. only a few. I spent a lot of scary time walking up and down Goat Hill with these guys!


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