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“We’ve wanted to be in the Hangar for a while,” Garcia said. “And we wanted to make sure we found the right space and we fell in love with the glass cubes inside the shed and thought it would be a perfect imprint for a local Long Beach brand to be in the shed…” . to kind of share our Long Beach story here.

The award-winning gourmet chocolate factory is nestled between Amorcito and Jay Bird’s Nashville Hot Chicken, and is currently open for business. However, a grand opening celebration is scheduled for November 6 with an opening ceremony at 2 p.m. Romeo Chocolates will be offering special gift boxes and prizes for those who attend.

Romeo Chocolates at The Hangar is comparatively smaller than its flagship store on Pine Avenue and doesn’t have a kitchen. As such, Garcia said the Hangar location will focus on providing unique and organized wrapped gifts of its chocolates and truffles, brownies, chewy cookies as well as products such as candles or houseplants from ‘other local businesses.

Soft cookies from Romeo Chocolates. Image courtesy of Roméo Chocolats.

“We support a lot of our local manufacturers because we’ve kind of grown together as a cohort, as entrepreneurs,” Garcia said. “So we want to extend this support to other artists. “

Romeo Chocolates will be a great destination for holiday gifts, offering special holiday collections and limited edition creations to come, Garcia said. Customers will be able to purchase Dia De Los Muertos Las Calaveras truffles, or skull candy, and Garcia said they are also bringing back the very popular hot cocoa bombs and chocolate covered strawberries.

An assortment of strawberries and chocolate coated chocolates. Image courtesy of Roméo Chocolats.

And, of course, guests will be treated to the finest artisanal chocolates and truffles the renowned chocolatier is so well known for. Garcia uses ethically sourced cocoa and chocolate from around the world to make its European-centric treats, particularly inspired by Belgian truffle-making traditions. His masterful training in Belgium guides his style, but Garcia’s training also heralds that of the École Chocolat Professional School of Chocolate Arts in San Francisco.

Each chocolate, from dark to milk to white, is uniquely sourced, Garcia said, and it will travel often to places it sources from, including Ecuador, the Philippines and Hawaii.

“This means that we can connect to a specific country or even a region of that country to get the flavor profiles of this chocolate, similar to wine,” he said. “We support fair trade, ethically sourced chocolates and make sure that throughout the supply chain we support farmers and manufacturers in the cocoa industry. “

An assortment of chocolates in a gift box at Romeo Chocolates. Photo courtesy of Roméo Chocolats.

Garcia notes that those who wish to keep up with new trends within the company can sign up for their monthly VIP membership program which, among its many perks, offers monthly chocolate and wine tastings that often incorporate new creations. that Garcia plans to put on the menu. .

Garcia got his start in the chocolate world by taking weekend cooking classes in San Francisco. He said he loved the craft so much that he quit his quick job in higher education to pursue this new creative career. He began by selling his homemade chocolates in pop-ups in Long Beach neighborhoods until he could open his first brick and mortar three years later, in 2017.

When Romeo Garcia looks back on the trip of his life, he remains grateful.

“It was really a labor of love, because I took my teacher’s retirement, which was not much at the start,” he said. “And then we launched a successful Kickstarter campaign, and we were able to open it [first] store. I think thanks to truly supportive customers and a supportive community we have survived and continue to survive the pandemic and to make adjustments as we go. “

Romeo Chocolates at The Hangar will be open Thursday to Sunday from noon to 7:30 p.m. The hangar is at 4150 McGowen Street.

Educator turned chocolate maker opens gourmet candy store on growing row of decadent Long Beach

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