Proximus: will increase the prices of certain packs from May 1, while making its entry-level Internet offer more affordable

In January 2022, inflation in Belgium reached nearly 7.60%, the highest price increase recorded in our country since 1983. Energy prices in particular rose sharply, leading to a sharp increase in energy bills individuals and businesses. At the same time, this high inflation leads to an increase in wage costs linked to indexation, while many suppliers, in particular telecom equipment manufacturers, are also forced to increase their prices. All of this is happening at a time when Proximus is investing heavily in its fixed and mobile networks in order to be able to meet the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth. Today, more than ever, customers rely on connectivity to work from home or take online training, while increasingly using audio and video streaming. Usage over the past two years shows a 50% increase in traffic on the fixed Internet network and an increase of more than 73% on the mobile network. Proximus must therefore continue to invest in its networks to manage this significant increase in demand.

In order to maintain this high rate of investment and continue to offer its customers the best possible experience through innovative products and quality customer service, Proximus is therefore faced with the difficult decision to adjust some of its prices. While the old Familus and Tuttimus packs were already subject to a price increase on January 1, the company is now also forced to increase the monthly price of its Flex and Business Flex packs, which had remained unchanged since their launching in 2020, as well as the EPIC pack from May 1st. Depending on the composition of the pack, the difference will be €3 to €4 on a monthly basis. For example, the price of Flex packs including Internet, TV, fixed telephony and a mobile subscription will drop from €85.99 per month to €89.99 per month. The multi-mobile advantage in Flex-packs from the second mobile subscription decreases by 1 euro. Additionally, specific adjustments will apply to certain Enterprise products. All affected customers will be personally notified of the changes through their next invoice, which they will receive during the month of March.

Despite these developments, Flex customers continue to benefit from many advantages: a fast and stable connection thanks to Smart Wi-Fi, an unrivaled TV experience on all screens via Pickx, and unlimited access to online content from Le Soir or Het Laatste Nieuws Digitaal via My ePress.

In addition, Proximus continues to enrich its offer. Starting in March, the new Flex Internet emergency service will allow Flex customers who are experiencing problems with their home Internet connection to activate a free mobile data plan to continue surfing. Download speeds will be increased in March, which will improve the quality of video calls at a time when telecommuting is still ubiquitous.

Internet Essential, one of the most affordable Internet access solutions on the Belgian market

Despite this inflationary environment, Proximus wishes to continue to enable as many people as possible in Belgium to benefit from Internet access. For this reason, the company announced a few weeks ago that it would provide thousands of disadvantaged people in Belgium with a modem free of charge that can connect to a mobile network, in accordance with an initiative launched by Minister Petra De Sutter. It is in this same spirit of digital inclusion that Proximus is reducing the price of its Internet Start product. Renamed “Essential Internet”, it will go from €27.50 to €25 per month from May 1, with no entry conditions.

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