PLF, Fare-Dodgers and a Vacation Guide


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European unions support calls for work permits for undocumented migrants: European unions, represented by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), have supported calls by their Belgian members for the government to grant work permits to undocumented migrants currently on hunger strike in Brussels.

Violence against women costs EU countries around € 289 billion each year: Gender-based violence costs European Union countries around 366 billion euros per year, while violence against women accounts for 79% of this cost, or 289 billion euros.

The prosecution is fining airlines that fail to check coronavirus-related travel documents: The Halle-Vilvorde public prosecutor’s office has announced that it will impose fines on airlines at Brussels Airport that do not check whether passengers have filled out a Passenger Location Form (PLF) or whether the airlines allow them to board without a PLF.

Brussels will finance the use of empty buildings for temporary housing: Faced with the rise in homelessness, the Brussels government has pledged to set aside € 965,000 for social initiatives aimed at using unoccupied buildings for temporary accommodation.

Ghent hosts its first open-air dance party as a coronavirus test event: Around 2,000 people will be able to attend the first open-air dance party in East Flanders, which will be organized as an official test event.

Three times more infections than three weeks ago in Belgium, warns Van Gucht: The number of Covid-19 infections in Belgium continues to rise sharply, as three times as many cases are confirmed now than three weeks ago, health officials said at a press conference on Wednesday .

STIB is moving away from the use of the word “black” in the terminology of crooks: Brussels public transport operator STIB has said it seeks to abandon the use of the term ‘black’ when referring to people who use public transport without paying.

Holiday guide: what are the latest rules in the EU? : Those looking to pack their bags for a long weekend or a trip may have set their sights on somewhere a little closer to home this year.

Compensation in the Netherlands for manipulated VW cars: And in Belgium? : An Amsterdam court ordered the automaker Volkswagen to pay € 3,000 to car owners who tampered with software as compensation for the loss in value.

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