No-Li Brewhouse featured on the NYC Nasdaq Board in Times Square

New York City – In honor of National IPA Day, No-Li Brewhouse is bringing Spokane Craft Brewing to the world at the Times Square Nasdaq Board in New York!

No-Li, America’s #1 internationally award-winning brewery since 2020, is showcased for National IPA Day on August 4 in Times Square, New York, an eight-story Nasdaq digital board for the world to see and recognize that great things come from cities big and small.

Since 2012, No-Li has put Spokane, WA on the beer map in the United States. Now No-Li is putting Spokane on the world map.

In 2021, No-Li received 58 international brewing medals from around the world, including Australia, Belgium, England, Germany, Japan, Mexico and the United States. It’s no exaggeration to say that Spokane and the InlandEmpire are home to some of the best beer in the world.

“Spokane has been discovered and our region is leading the country in economic and cultural growth. Craft beer has become a central part of Northwest culture that keeps our communities rooted and strong,” says John Bryant, owner of No-Li Brewhouse.

Lawn Love ranked Spokane as the best beer town in the United States, ahead of Seattle, Portland and Denver. Lawn Love writes that “Spokane, Washington took the crown as the #1 beer city and also placed second in both access and the prestigious World Beer Awards. With its proximity to the state’s inland wheat, barley, and hop fields, Spokane has all the ingredients to brew a delicious beer.

No-Li is located at 1003 E Trent Ave, Spokane, WA 99202.WWW.NOLIBREWHOUSE.COM

About No-Li Brewery

No-Li Brewhouse is a progressive, forward-looking and community-minded brewery. We have a deep passion for the craft of beer making. It takes many partnerships and the work of many hands to bring over 93 international awards to Spokane, USA. Together, we’re making Spokane the epicenter of craft beer.

A marker of an economically vibrant and thriving town is the cultural addition of a regional craft brewery. We are proud to live in Spokane; a community with tradespeople honing their craft and growing their careers with paid jobs and full benefits. Craft brewing helps bind a community together. It gives us a sense of belonging and local pride

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