Luxembourg launches free public transport to France

Luxembourg launches free public transport to France

The measure aims to encourage cross-border commuters to abandon their cars

The Luxembourg authorities have announced the launch of a pilot project aimed at providing a free public transport service to cross-border workers. The date is set for January 31 and the project will last six months. It will connect Roussy-le-Village, a small town in France located 5 kilometers from the border, with bus line 323 in Luxembourg City.

One of the most compelling points of this new development is that the new connection will be free like all other public transport in the Grand Duchy.

Reduce dependence on the car thanks to attractive public transport

According to 2019 data from Eurostat, Luxembourg is the country with the most cars in the European Union, with 681 cars per 1,000 inhabitants. Moreover, according to StatecAccording to the Luxembourg national statistical agency, nine out of ten Luxembourgers own a car.

At the same time, during peak hours, thousands of people flood the country, as cross-border workers begin their journey. Living in neighboring France, Belgium and Germany is a popular way to find affordable accommodation since the Grand Duchy is famous for its exorbitant property prices. Indeed, according to estimates for 2021, nearly 70,000 Luxembourgers have left the country in search of affordable housing.

Naturally, the daily rush hours on highways within and around borders are immense and, according to the Ministry of Mobility, pose a considerable strain both on the environment and on worker productivity.

This is why in March 2020 they decided to make all public transport in Luxembourg free, while cross-border fares were reduced. According to François Bausch, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Mobility and Public Works, the offer of free public transport would encourage citizens to abandon their cars.

Now, the government aims to increase incentives by offering the free pilot line, linking the Park and Ride area of ​​Roussy-le-Village to the City of Luxembourg. The project will last six months and will attempt to assess the benefits of the move both for the bus line and for the communities affected.

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