How much do we spend on decorating our homes in the UK?

Fueled by an almost incomprehensible number of DIY shows on TV, we’ve been pretty obsessed with home improvement in the UK for quite some time. But how does our obsession compare to our European neighbors? Real estate agent, Nested shares the results of his latest research.

January and the start of a new year are a great time to redecorate a house and breathe new life into it, and people in Britain generally don’t like leaving it too long between re-coats of paint. On average, Brits redecorate their living room once every 25 months and their bedrooms once every 29 months. The bathroom typically gets an aesthetic boost every 33 months, while the dining room and hallways are serviced once every 37 months and 45 months respectively.

In total, Britons spend an average of £ 330 per person per year on home decorating. With a population of just over 67 million, that means the UK spends a total of £ 22 billion each year.

This puts the UK second on the list of top spending decorating countries in Europe, surpassed only by Germany, where the population of 83 million people spend an average of £ 410 each to create a total annual spend. of 34 billion pounds.

Italy comes third with an average annual decoration spending of £ 347 per person, creating a national total of almost £ 21 billion, while France and Spain spend national totals of £ 18 billion and £ 10 billion respectively.

The rest of the list of top 10 spending countries is made up of the Netherlands (£ 9bn), Sweden (£ 7bn), Poland (£ 5bn), Belgium (£ 5bn) and from Austria (£ 5 billion).

Meanwhile, the countries that spend the least on home decorating each year are Malta (£ 170million), Slovenia (£ 228million), Estonia (£ 244million), Cyprus (£ 250million) and Latvia (£ 276million). .

Alice Bullard, Sales Manager at Nested, commented: “Home redecorating is a relatively quick and affordable way to bring your rooms back to life, making an old home look new and exciting. Here in the UK we adhere to this philosophy more than most and it is common for us to change the ambiance of our home on a fairly regular basis.

“If you plan to stay in your home for a while, you can decorate exactly to your taste and style, but if you plan to put it on the market soon, it is very important to keep the colors neutral. and harmless styling so as not to scare off potential buyers.

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