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The Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Foundation (PCVF) invites the community of Santa Barbara to join its Honor Our Veterans campaign, in which veterans from all branches of service (army, navy, air force and guard -cotes) will be celebrated on PCVF’s social media accounts leading up to Veterans Day, Thursday, November 11.

To participate in the new online campaign to honor those who serve, submit a .jpeg photo of a loved one in uniform, and include the person’s full name, branch of service and years of service. Email the information to [email protected].

Submissions will appear in the “Honoring Our Veterans” online series posted to the PCVF’s Facebook and Instagram accounts during Veterans Day. Use tags to help the post go viral and reach more people. Provide your Facebook ID and PCVF will identify you and anyone else. #HonorOur Veterans Affairs.

According to a joint statement by PCVF co-founders John and Hazel Blankenship: “This heartfelt social media campaign leading up to this year’s Veterans Day truly represents the powerful legacy of Pierre Claeyssens who is at the heart of the campaign. mission of our organization.

Born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium, Claeyssens often referred to his childhood memories when American forces saved him and his compatriots from the German occupation of World War I. Claeyssens was a beloved figure in the world of Santa Barbara philanthropy, and held the military in high regard.

He once said, “I still feel an obligation to the United States, especially to the military.

It was his belief that “Being killed in a war is not the worst that can happen. Getting lost is not the worst. Being forgotten is the worst.

“In the spirit of Pierre’s words, we look forward to greeting veterans by presenting their profiles online,” said the Blankenships. “It’s a way to keep dreams alive that American military history never gets lost in the fog of time.”

To donate in honor of a specific Veteran and support the PCVF programs, visit PCVF. To learn more about the Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Foundation, visit or dial 805-259-4394.

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