Facilitate foreign investment in tourism


A new Turismo de Portugal platform aims to position Portugal “as an investment destination” in tourism, while “maximizing contacts with potential investors”.

The Invest In Tourism platform was created with the objective of “strengthening the international competitiveness of a structuring sector for the national economy, through the assertion of the country as an investment destination”.

According to the statement, the new platform aims to “add value to a set of economic activities related to tourism, strengthen the international notoriety of national products and services and the perception of the quality of the Portugal brand”, as well as “maximize contacts with potential investors, streamline talent recruitment processes, publicize business opportunities in tourism and create environments conducive to the birth of new tourism businesses”.

Available in Portuguese and English, the new platform is divided into four areas, namely “Portugal at a glance”; ‘Start a business’; “Looking for an opportunity” and “Financing options”, where “all the information about the country, the characterization of the sector and how to start a business in Portugal is provided, as well as success stories”.

“Analyzes are also provided on talent, entrepreneurship and innovation, sustainability, macroeconomics, strategy, FDI, tourism performance, investment and financing, tax benefits, residential tourism and trends, as well as information on recent companies, major transactions and openings and the number of pipeline projects, ”adds Turismo de Portugal.

To support the investment process, Turismo de Portugal also provides a team dedicated to this area, which will act in the “areas of investment opportunities, financing, licensing, human resources, entrepreneurship, statistics and partnerships, also counting on the contribution of the Turismo teams from Portugal operating abroad “.

“Portugal is already one of the most attractive European destinations for foreign investment”, declared Rita Marques, Secretary of State for Tourism, defending however that “we must continue to work to promote investment and financing for the sustainability of tourism, develop skills and improve coordination of actions in different policy areas, including entrepreneurship and innovation “.

For the manager, the new platform “Invest in Tourism will become the showcase of investment opportunities in tourism in Portugal”.

Turismo de Portugal added that Portugal was among the Top 10 most attractive European destinations for foreign investment, according to the study “Attractiveness Survey 2021” (EY), which details that 70% of investors are European and 30% of ‘other countries, in particular the United States, Spain, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Belgium.

The country is also the 12th most competitive tourist destination in the world, according to the World Economic Forum, and intends to position itself as an “investment destination and an international center of reference for innovation, entrepreneurship and the production of goods and services for tourism. , as designated in the Tourism Strategy 2027 “.

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