Demonstration in Belgium against human rights violations in China and calls for a boycott of the Beijing Olympics

A protest was held at Belgium’s historic Ijzertoren tower in the city of Diksmuide against China’s human rights abuses, urging the global community to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics. Large numbers of community members gathered in many cities on Saturday, including Brussels, Antwerp and Mechelen. Demonstrators displayed a protest flag and a Tibetan flag at the Ijzertoren tower.

Meanwhile, Uyghur rights groups as well as Tibetans yesterday gathered in the city of Diksmuide to protest against human rights abuses in China. “To raise awareness of the #Beijing2022 Genocide Games, we co-hosted the protest with Tibetan friends, gathered in Diksmuide, Belgium, where thousands of soldiers sacrificed their lives for peace during World War I,” said the Belgian Uyghur Association in a tweet on Saturday. .

Another demonstration was also organized in Antwerp, Belgium, by the Uyghur association to raise awareness of human rights violations committed by China against Uyghurs, Tibetans and Hong Kongers. It came after 243 global groups, including non-governmental organizations, called for action against China over human rights concerns. as the Beijing Winter Olympics are due to begin the first week of February.

“The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will open amid atrocious crimes and other serious human rights abuses by the Chinese government, 243 non-governmental organizations from around the world said today. The groups urged governments to join in a diplomatic boycott of the Games, set to begin February 4, 2022, and urged athletes and sponsors not to legitimize government abuses,” Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in a statement Thursday. “It is not possible for the Olympics to be a ‘force for good’, as claimed by the International Olympic Committee, while the host government is committing serious crimes in violation of international law,” said Sophie Richardson, director of HRW for China.

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