Colorado Destination Breweries: Readers Make Suggestions


After a trip to destination breweries in New England, our Colorado Beerman wondered what could be considered a destination brewery in this state, which already attracts many visitors with its recreational and entertainment possibilities.

New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins would likely qualify, although it was purchased in 2018 by Kirin, and its flagship beers are available in supermarkets across the country. While its famous tours, including a view of Foeder Forest, are still on hold due to COVID, they are on many people’s beer bucket lists.

Denver itself is a destination, but as a unique place that draws beer lovers, Bierstadt Lagerhaus probably comes at the end, he suggests, with a well-regarded beer, a slow presentation, giant games, a layout on two floors, an extensive menu of dishes and ever-expanding indoor and outdoor spaces.

In their comments on the Westword Colorado Beer Destination Story Facebook post, readers pour in their own suggestions. Said Brian:

Name the last time you went to Greeley and Weldworks wasn’t the reason …

Christine offers:

Left hand and Horse and Dragon !!!

Andrew adds:

Red Leg in the Springs is awesome, and right next to the Garden of the Gods

Offer to Jason:

There is TRVE.

Ouray Brewing is in Ouray (enough said) and has swings for seating at the bar.

Colorado Boy is in Ridgeway (which has amazing scenery), has Colorado’s second best beer, and great pizza. My wife and I took a detour.

Broken Compass is located in Breckenridge (beautiful mountains) and has THE best beer in Colorado. My wife and I drive there from Wheat Ridge.

I could go on and on. If you think there aren’t any destination breweries here, you’re not looking for enough.

Floyd concludes:

It’s beer.

How far would you travel to visit a destination brewery? What places would you suggest in Colorado? Post a comment or share your thoughts on [email protected]


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