CHAMP Cargosystems and Air Cargo Belgium launch an innovation platform for air cargo

CHAMP Cargosystems and Air Cargo Belgium have launched an innovation platform – powered by CHAMP – to support and share new ideas within the Belgian hub’s air cargo community.

The new platform will provide access for stakeholders in the Air Cargo Belgium community to share information, ideas and best practices with the aim of fostering innovation.

This effort will bring a wider collaboration between the members, on the one hand for the benefit of the Belgian community and on the other hand for the whole air cargo industry.

The initiative between CHAMP and Air Cargo Belgium is based on the original MoU signed in September 2020. The agreement specifies that CHAMP is the preferred partner in the deployment and testing of all new technologies and innovations created in the roadmap.

In 2018, CHAMP joined Air Cargo Belgium, sharing its global IT knowledge on air cargo and collaborating more closely with members of the community.

“This initiative is a positive step forward for the community and will give a voice to all stakeholders – large and small – in our air cargo community,” said Geert Keirens, Director of Air Cargo Belgium.

“Air Cargo Belgium is delighted to continue its relationship with CHAMP and bring its community together on one platform for our mutual benefit.”

Chris McDermott, President and CEO of CHAMP Cargosystems, added, “Innovation not only requires the idea and the drive to bring it to life, but also feedback to ensure its success. Indeed, it is part of our fundamental philosophy of openness, collaboration and innovation. CHAMP is excited to put this into practice for the air cargo supply chain with this platform.

CHAMP seeks similar opportunities to foster innovation with other regional communities by nurturing an innovation platform.

Air Cargo Belgium and CHAMP join forces

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