Can I Get Credit When I Borrowed Banks?

December 20, 2019 by No Comments

The reason for this is the increasing inflation rates day by day, the dollar rising and making all the activities extra expensive (visible increase in food and beverage products), house and car prices; Examples such as the direct increase of the dollar with the increase.

In addition, due to the high prices of technological products and the desire to have these products, the increase and increase in the amount of debt to banks is normally met.

It is seen as impossible to get credit while borrowing from banks

It is seen as impossible to get credit while borrowing from banks

Banks go to the configuration for their users who do not pay their credit card debt and perform the installment process and ensure that these customers are a sort of signification, that is, they fall under the category of non-credit people

Implementing a method in this way is also systematized by calling it “credit rating” for banks. Users not only pay a certain fee to learn their credit ratings but also make the score lower because they do this inquiry. Therefore, the credit rating gradually decreases and it becomes more difficult to get credit.

It is easier to withdraw credit if the debt to banks is limited to a two-month credit card minimum wage payment delay. Because banks can ignore this situation for a limited amount of time. This indicates ignoring by issuing smaller amounts of credit. If the credit card debt to banks is at least 5-6 months and more, the process of initiating the necessary solution processes by the banks is started.

In this process, first of all, the user is called by phone and the necessary information is tried to be obtained from the user about the payment process. Within the user’s time, the bank adjusts the release period and waits for the process to be completed.

When the process is completed

If the debt is still not paid, the credit point starts to decrease to minus. This is the only situation where banks do not compromise and do not hesitate to share this information with other banks. Considering the debt payment status of the individuals, a customer profile is created and this profile can be shared with all banks when deemed necessary.

Credit ratings of people who are able to learn from various platforms cause the score to decrease during the interrogation, as well as prolonging the loan withdrawal process. In this process, users who are on the platform known as “non-credit persons”, which is called as a “black list” for a minimum period of 5 years when the structuring and consequently the installment process started with the banks and the credit card or withdrawn credit debt is not paid.

They cannot do anything other than close their debts. On the contrary, people whose credit ratings have declined will further reduce their credit card application or withdrawal application ratings, causing their chances to disappear completely.

What can the blacklisted bank users do to upgrade?


Paying the installments of the debts regularly every month, No credit card or credit applications during the blacklist process, After their debts are fully closed, they should not attempt to make any financial transactions for a certain period of time. Thanks to these suggestions, the 5-year process may decrease further for most people, which may help them get credit again soon.

However, following the suggestions, but still having negative results in the process of withdrawal, are among the possibilities if the amount of debt that is closed or paid is much more loaded and the debt payments continue irregularly.

The possibilities of obtaining credit while borrowing banks are generally related to the customer profile created by the bank for the person. It is also among the cases that some banks give loans to people with regular income without paying debt or taking into account the negative problems with other banks. Therefore, the process of withdrawing or applying for a credit card is closely related to how good the customer profile and credit score is.