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HARPERS FERRY – Although the name indicates Bolivar, representing where Bolivar Bread Baking started, the business is now called 914 Washington Street in Harpers Ferry.

The baking began when Katie Kopsick found herself, like many others, unemployed during the coronavirus outbreak. Kopsick was fired from her job as a pastry chef for Ayrshire Farm in Upperville, Va., And she was unsure of what to do on her own.

A passion for baking, discovered while working overnight baking bread at Bouchon Bakery in New York City, and incentive friends Brian Bircher and Jennifer Maghan, Kopsick said she started baking bread in her home for sale. at Black Dog Coffee.

Known as the artisan bakery, a small business typically operated from home, Kopsick found a niche that quickly led customers to place orders.

“I thought it would take a few months, but people responded,” Kopsick said.

This response turned Kopsick’s business into a stable one that involved baking up to 200 loaves of bread per week, many of which were sold at local businesses including Black Dog and Orr’s Farm Market in Martinsburg.

Additionally, Kopsick provided home delivery within 10 miles of her home, which she said was much appreciated during the pandemic.

As demand increased, Kopsick said she knew she needed more space. So in October 2020, she started using the commercial kitchen at the Snallygaster General Store and Cafe in Bolivar.

“They allowed me to use the space they weren’t using and cooking in an inspected kitchen allowed me to be more flexible,” Kopsick said.

The benefits of the new space allowed the Kopsick business to continue to grow; however, the lack of space also prevented it from expanding and adding additional staff. When she saw the space on Washington Street that previously housed Hamilton’s 1840’s Tavern, she examined it and decided it was the right decision.

“We took the lease in August and started renovations to fit the space around the needs of a bakery,” Kopsick said.

Additionally, Kopsick said she wants the bakery to provide retail space for other businesses, especially cottage businesses that can benefit from sales in a brick and mortar location.

“I have a spiral mixer that had special electrical needs,” Kopsick said, “so we had to outfit what took longer than expected. “

Another thing that took longer than expected was the delivery of an oven that Kopsick ordered in Belgium.

“I ordered it before I knew I needed it,” Kopsick explained, adding that the order was placed before she moved from her home to the Snallygaster kitchen.

“I thought it might take a few months to get here,” Kopsick said, adding that the delivery had taken almost a year instead. The new oven is now in place and allows Kopsick to increase its original production from five loaves at a time in its home kitchen to 12 loaves at a time currently.

“It allowed me to more than double my original production,” she commented.

As the business plan developed in the new space, Kopsick knew it was time to give extra support. She now has a staff of five, including herself. Bolivar Bread Bakery now employs Abigail Metzgar, Ned Andrejevic, Will Huff and Gen LeJeune, as well as Kopsick.

LeJeune, also a cottage baker with Two Moms and a Cupcake, has his cupcakes for sale at the bakery.

Kopsick is excited about the way Bolivar Bread Bakery is on. In addition to breads, three of which were the only products on offer when it originally opened, the bakery now offers additional breads as well as sweets and savory items including cookies, brownies, pepperoni rolls, cheeses. and more. She offers the products of about 10 other businesses within her bakery, most of what she says is products that go well with bread.

The bakery had a smooth opening on October 22. Visitors can find coffee and tasty treats to consume immediately as well as breads to take home.

Those interested in finding out more about the bakery can visit them on Facebook or their website at

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