Bersted Community Choir is looking for new voices


Bersted Community Choir

The Bersted Community Choir brings together singers of all skill levels, ages and backgrounds and prides itself on being accessible and inclusive for everyone, regardless of their ability to sing. Over the past seven years the choir has performed in numerous concerts and competitions, and in the summer of 2019 hit the road and toured Belgium.

The Bersted Community Choir is part of Bersted Arts, a North Bersted-based arts company that offers a wide range of creative and imaginative opportunities and events to engage and inspire the community.

These are the combined creative talents of James Etheridge, Michael Gattrell and Will Hackett, all from West Sussex, who each have an artistic background with a combined experience of directing, acting, singing, directing. , writing and production.

The goal of the choir is to encourage and expand the horizons of members through the music they choose, which includes songs from many different genres, from pop to classical and everything in between.

As the choir reunites and revives after 18 months apart due to the pandemic, new members are encouraged and warmly welcomed.

James said: “Over the past seven years, the choir has grown steadily and has become as much an opportunity to socialize and form friendships as it is to provide an opportunity for local people to find their voice and voice. to experience the love of singing and the myriad of health benefits that come with it.

“There is no pressure to perform, with some members coming just to sing and enjoy the company of others.

“There is also no engagement with members who only pay for the sessions they attend – for which we charge a small fee of just £ 5 per session.

“We encourage everyone, even those who have always dreamed of being in a choir but didn’t have the confidence to join or feel themselves good enough singers, to come in for a free trial session.

“Many of our longtime members joined the choir saying they couldn’t hold a tune but have since become such strong and confident singers. We really want to encourage anyone who is interested to come and see what we are doing.

The choir meets at the Bersted Park Community Center, Lakeland Avenue, North Bersted every Tuesday from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. during school time.

The first session is free, then only £ 5 per session thereafter. For more information about the choir, including details on how to join, visit

They are working on an O Night Divine Christmas event to be held on Saturday December 11 at Saint Wilfrids Parish Church, Ellasdale Road, Bognor Regis.

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