ALD and Corporate Benefits join forces to launch self-employment

Following its recent acquisition of LeasePlan, ALD Automotive announces its association with social advantagesthe European provider of employee discount programs.

The objective is to provide operational leasing services to employees in five countries in Europe, including: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. The company social advantages offers employee benefit programs through a range of offers through local web portals. It currently does this for over 12,800 businesses and 8.2 million registered users.

Full service leasing formulas for new and used vehicles

Full-service leasing packages for a range of new and used vehicles are available to employees at discounted rates or through special promotional offers, the company says. All models can include maintenance, tire changes, roadside assistance, insurance and vehicle registration and are available for flexible terms and mileages. The rental is managed by ALD Automotive throughout the duration of the contract.

Often called “employee cars”, these mobility offers allow companies to extend the benefits of a company car to all of their workforce while limiting the involvement in the implementation and the involvement in the process. contractual.

Benefits to motivate and retain employees

Benefits programs can help businesses of all sizes motivate their employees by giving them access to high-quality products and value-added services from well-known manufacturers and brands. In a press release, ALD says such programs can help boost employee recruitment and retention at near zero cost, which at a time of high employment is important because retention is critical.

ALD Automotive is the leading player in long-term rental mobility selected by social advantages. ALD currently provides operational leasing services to individuals in 23 countries across Europe, representing 165,000 vehicles (as of September 30, 2021).

Patrick Ellenberger, CEO of social advantages, said, “ALD Automotive’s ‘Employee Car Programs’ allow us to expand our employee discount programs, adding leasing services to the already wide range of offerings we offer to businesses. This cooperation is part of our commitment to provide discounts to employees in Europe and to constantly minimize the workload for companies and suppliers.

Along with the social benefits, connectivity is an important enabler to optimize the uptake of alternative mobility solutions, in particular how it can support the uptake of alternative mobility solutions.

To find out more about it, join the next key event of Fleet Europe’s Smart Mobility Institute on February 17, 2022.

“We are proud to work alongside social advantages to further diversify benefit programs by giving employees without mobility rights access to a selection of fully serviced quality cars at a reduced price,” confirms Annie Pin, Commercial Director of ALD Automotive. “One of the drivers of rental for individuals is to offer offers that meet their expectations and flexibility, simplicity and digitalization are essential components for success. This new cooperation builds on our leading position in the private rental segment for operational rental in Europe and supports our strategic development plan, Move 2025, which aims to extend the reach of our mobility solutions and further broaden our customers.

Image courtesy of ALD Automotive.

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