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As we digest this week’s heavy news, it’s critical that we all balance our media consumption with uplifting and inspiring content. Doom Scroll is a quick way to sink into despair, so we’re here to give you a Joy Scroll to cheer you up.

Here are 10 things that can help make you smile at the end of your week:

1. Photographer captured the innocent joy of an Afghan girl jumping onto the tarmac after landing safely in Belgium

It’s hard to find any edifying news regarding the tragic events in Afghanistan, but this Reuters image of an Afghan girl jumping onto the tarmac with her family after being evacuated to Belgium offers a glimpse of hope and a reminder of what means freedom for those fleeing Taliban rule. A small ray of light in the dark.

2. This martial arts instructor took forgiveness to a whole new level after children smashed his studio window.

“To the children who threw the pebble at my window and smashed it, I was also a wild child, and I forgive you,” they wrote in a note. “If you want to learn how to channel your anger, I will train you for FREE. I will help you.” Signed, warrior poet.

Poet warrior indeed. What a beautiful example of the best of humanity.

3. The elementary school teacher perfectly illustrates fairness in a simple lesson using band-aids.

Good teachers are treasures, and Ms. Aimee here is proving invaluable in explaining how she teaches her third graders what fairness really means. Fairness doesn’t mean that everyone gets the same things, but rather that everyone gets what they need to be successful. Just awesome. Read the full story here.

4. Speaking of great teachers, Mr. Monroe and his therapy dog, Nala, light up TikTok with displays of empathy.

Josh Monroe is winning hearts all over the internet with his TikTok videos showing how he empathizes with struggling students. He also explains how he uses Nala, his therapy dog, in the classroom. This guy will restore your faith in humanity in an instant. Read the full story here.

5. Isaac Kearney is possibly the best lip-syncing artist you’ve ever seen.

I don’t know if this kid can actually sing or not, but his lip-syncing performance is off the hook. So much passion and emotion in such a small package. I could watch him all day.

Here he is with a little Whitney:

And some epic Phill Collins:

6. This bird actually can singing and pianist Kevon Carter adding some accompaniment to it is simply a sheer delight.

It’s the little nod with my eyes closed to me. “Yeeeeahhhh …. Yeeeeahhhhh“Unreal, but so much fun.

7. 11 year old drummer Nandi Bushell was finally able to perform live with Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters.

Nandi Bushell is a drummer prodigy (for real) and she rose to internet fame during the pandemic for her drum challenges with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. This story is incredible in itself, but seeing Bushell’s dream come true in front of a stadium is another thing. Look at this joy (and this talent-saint moly).

8. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson surprised a tour group in his neighborhood and I don’t know who got the most from it.

The Rock is appreciated for being one of those celebrities who really seems like a good guy. Watching him casually ride alongside a tour bus and give fans the surprise of a lifetime is just good, healthy fun. Read the full story here.

9. Speaking of healthy fun, this great aunt who tries out Australian football is definitely worth a smile.

We all have this cool older parent who is up for anything. Great Aunt Judy’s laughter is contagious, and her slipper that flies off on her kick attempt is just the icing on the cake.

10. Want to see pure, unadulterated joy? Watch Walter the Golden Lab book it all the way to the ocean in Sicily.

It’s me. I am Walter. That’s pretty much exactly what I would do if someone let go of me on a beautiful Mediterranean island with flapping ears and all. Wait for the jump without hesitation and dive at the end.

BONUS: You want the SOUND UP on this one, I promise.

I shared this video during last week’s roundup, but thought it was worth sharing it again as I’ve watched it about 85 more times since then. I can’t stop, I won’t stop. Not even sorry.

Keep looking for joy and find reasons to smile, everyone.

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