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The OppU Review Board

Your trusted source for financial literacy content.


About the OppU Review Board

How does the Board work?

How do I know if an article was reviewed?

Meet the experts

About the OppU Review Board

When it comes to finances, you can’t afford to be misinformed. By providing accurate and credible content, the OppU editorial staff strives to equip readers with the knowledge they need to handle everyday financial challenges.

For this reason, we created the OppU Review Board. The priority of the board is to uphold the editorial policies set forth by the OppU staff. We want to give our readers confidence that the information on the OppU Blog is trustworthy, vetted, and reliable. The board reviews content for accuracy, relevance, and clarity.

How does the OppU Review Board work?

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An OppU staff writer or contributing writer submits an article for publication.

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The Lead Editor edits the article for journalistic integrity.


Members of the OppU Review Board provide feedback to the OppU editorial team. Some identify inaccurate or misleading content and make suggestions for correction, while others vet content to ensure compliance with internal guidelines.

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The OppU editorial team adjusts content as necessary to improve its quality.


The article is published.

How do I know if an article has been reviewed?

All articles automatically go through an internal review process. An official stamp will confirm if an article has also been reviewed by an outside board member.

Meet The Experts:

The Board consists of fact-checkers, accredited financial experts, internal staff experts, and legal and compliance professionals. Members of the board are chosen based on selective criteria, including their education, certifications, experiences, and expertise.

Tamara Altman

Dr. Altman has over 25 years of experience in social science, public health, and market research, statistics, evaluation, and reporting. She has held positions with, and consulted for, many government, academic, nonprofit, and corporate organizations, including The Pew Charitable Trusts, the National Park Foundation, Stanford University, UCSF, UC Berkeley, and UCLA.

Ann Logue

Ann Logue is a writer specializing in business and finance. She is the author of five books on investing and has written for Barron’s, Entrepreneur, and InvestHedge, among other publications. She lives in Chicago and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Barbara Takle Carpenter

Barbara Takle Carpenter is Principal Consultant and Owner of Takle Consulting Group, LLC. From discovery to ideation, her work improves the understanding of audiences and engagement. She is a data analyst and fact-checker for Oppu, vetting survey data and providing industry insight into consumer personal finance habits.

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